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Who Protects the Black Woman

I saw a post that said “ Yall are praying for Kanye, but joking about Meg Thee Stallion. This is why George Floyd is getting justice, and Breonna’s killers are still on vacation.  When I saw this post it took me back to a quote from the famous and one of the best civil rights activists  Malcolm X that says “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman “.  

We as Black women protest for black men who mistreat us, abuse us, ridicule us and constantly harm us.  We stand on the front lines to protect and serve our Black men. However, in the wake of George Floyd’s death we all mourned and cried for George Floyd . We marched, we protested, and we burned down buildings for him. However, Breonna Taylor’s death came months before George Floyd’s death and she barely made media coverage until black women stood firm and strong for her. The majority of marches have been orchestrated by black women. We have stood beside and behind our Black men. However, often times Black men go silent to our needs when we need them. Our Black men want us to sit in the corner while they sit on the main row. Why is it that we have to fight for love all while not being protected.  Celebrities gave more concern to George Floyd’s death than Breonna Taylor. Our black men beat us, cheat on us, dog us, then we protest for them all while they defile and laugh at us or go silent when we need them. 

Let me be the first to say no one deserves to be shot. I don’t care what has happened. God did not put us here to determine life or death So, when Meg got shot Black men vilified her.   I watch black men laugh and victim shame Meg .. Why is she being ridiculed and not protected by black men? Black men do more harm to the women who love them and protect them. 

I know this was designed since slavery. Male slaves would get beat by their slave owner and then the male slave would go back home and beat their black wives who after being beat washed and clean their husband’s whelps and scars,  and still fed them and took care of their pain all while suffering silently. Protecting the black woman goes far beyond more than your woman, sister , or momma. It is normal to protect your territory but outside of a black mans territory black men turn their heads. Many use the catch phrase “ this aint got nothing to do with me” , all when they see a black woman being mistreated by their boys. So, eventhough some protect the territory of the woman they love Meg and so many other women deserve that same protection . 

Black men know this … women feel pain, black women are strong because they have not been given a chance to be weak, and black women are beyond tired. Black women are fighting the world they should not be fighting their Black kings 

I  hope in reading this black men you spread more joy to Black women because as much love as we give you we also need that same love.  In the words of Nipsey the Great “ Block for us Black man know they trying to stretch us”

With Love ,

Your girl Dee

Black woman chronicles 101

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