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You are appreciated!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Whew this podcast has been a long time coming! Years ago a few friends and I discussed starting a podcast but due to our busy schedules with having a family and raising kids we could not make it work so we all pushed this idea to the side in hopes of one day coming back to it. I’ve always been a businesswoman and keep a pocket full of dreams, but in being a wife and raising kids, I had lost my creative mojo or could not figure out what was next for me. We know chasing a family you get caught up in the day to day world and put your dreams to the side. However, since COVID I found myself thinking of ways to get my mojo back. Even though I hate how 2020 is spinning for so many, COVID has given me

time to breathe and relax and definitely has given me time for clarity. So while pondering on what I wanted to do next or my passion one day on Facebook my neighbor released her “The Working Mommy Podcast”, which yall should check out as well. Once I listened to a couple of the episodes, I was sure that I could definitely do this. I knew then it was time to get to it. I contacted my neighbor we discussed ways that I could get my podcast off the ground, and I also contacted some very close friends and family that were supportive but also business savvy and they kept pushing me to do it. I know my initial dream and goal was to do it with friends, but recently I have been in a space of solely doing me. Living and evolving into the "Dee" that has taken me a long time to get to. Although I love and value my relationship with these women, I just knew I needed to do this solely for me, by me, for me. I also hope they continue to do their podcast if they so choose and anything else they set their hearts to do. I love seeing brown girls/women all win. It is all love for me. With this love of me evolving, I could not have done this blog and podcast without my support system. My support system during this time of transformation and birthing my baby has been amazing. My mom was one of the first people I told and just like a loving mom she was doing everything in her power to help me find a name for my podcast..It seem like every name I chose someone else had. So I extended my olive branch and my line sister who is good with the catchy phrases, took my name that I had and gave me a hundred additions to choose from in less than five minutes. No Suga on Dee Rim fits me. I’ve never been one to sugar coat anything, I am a firm believer of giving it to you straight whether you like it or not. So I thank you A.G., my sister, for understanding my personality and being able to hone in on my vision. Thanks to the hubby for hooking me up with a sound engineer to do my intro hook. It is also great to have friends who wear many hats and are multi-talented. My website would not be as professional and user -friendly as it is, if it was not for my girl Tanya the owner of TriB Consulting. Please look her up and use her because she’s a beast in the IT world. Having great friends and family are always needed. The world does not move without love: Thank you, thank you! You all are far too kind and you are appreciated.

Signed with Love Always......Dee

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